Tenants can assist in the building efforts to reduce building operating costs through energy conservation. Please make a special effort to educate your employees about the importance of using energy wisely.

Following are examples of how your employees can help in the building efforts to reduce energy costs:

Window treatments should be closed during those times when there is direct sun (including weekends).

Employees should be reminded to turn off all lights, computers, copiers, etc., when not in use or before leaving for the evening or weekend.

Print on both the front and the back of printed pages.

Purchase recycled paper and other office supplies.

Recycle used ink cartridges, batteries and office equipment appropriately.

It is also important that all building employees follow the instructions regarding what can be recycled and what needs to be discarded in the standard waste containers. See below the approved recycling list:

Yes: (Items to Recycle)
Office Paper
Junk Mail
Cardboard (shipping/pizza boxes)
File Folders
Soda Cans
Soup and Food Cans
All household plastics marked 1-7 (look for the recycle symbol with the number)
Milk Jugs and Detergent Bottles
Plastic Soda and Water Bottles, minus caps

No: (Items that cannot be recycled)
Wet Paper
Food Stained Paper
Food Stained Cardboard
Wet Cardboard
Bottle Tops
Aerosol Cans
Paint or Chemicals
Carbon Paper
Biohazard Materials
Styrofoam Packing Peanuts
Wax Coated Products (such as soda/coffee cups)
Paper Towels

Please note:
No Food Allowed.
Containers and soft drink cans must be completely empty
All food must be rinsed from containers
No soda cups can be recycled due to wax coating
Bottle caps must be removed before recycling the plastic bottle